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“To get happiness, you need security, we will help you get both”

“Helping people to get safe and convenient atmosphere in their environment that is not a troublesome”

Everyone needs security, whether they live in a commercial or residential area, small or large scale. With the protection of security in the area, it is hoped that the conditions & atmosphere will be comfortable, if it is related to business, the business will run well and produce products and services with optimal quality & performance and provide maximum investment. In an office environment, a form of physical security is needed in maintaining conducive situations and conditions in the environment, which can be interpreted by all efforts or activities to prevent or overcome threats and disruptions in security and order in the office environment through regulation, supervision and guarding. The role of guard or security officer is very expected to be able to overcome these various threats, where this is a basic requirement of every company, such as preventing criminal acts, theft, robbery, embezzlement of money, first aid accidents, alarm systems, visitor management, loan facilities and office infrastructure, communication problems, and things that disrupt other environmental stability.

Therefore, we, Guarddio, offer original and novel solutions through a new, easy, fast, reliable security system. Guarddio app will help you and security officers in monitoring and controlling environmental security. Application that helps residential residents to provide comfort for them, namely through an information system for home / room / empty buildings and an emergency button.

Guarddio also has visitor management facilities using an easy, safe QR Code authorization activity for every guest arrival activity, as well as scheduling loan facilities and infrastructure that are all in your hands, so that you can work comfortably without any interference that threatens environmental stability you. Download Guarddio now, and allow us to be the best friend to protect the security of the environment around you, wherever and whenever.

* Guarddio is 2018’s 2nd place (runner up) winner Appcelerate startup competition supported by Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) & PT. Lintasarta


Emergency Button

SMART Visitor Management


Facility Booking


Guarddio for Office

Office Staff – Scheduling and booking a room, QR guest authorization code, emergency panic button, monitor the position of the security officer who is in shift

Guarddio for Office

Security Guard – Scan guest QR code, report emergency panic button staff

Guarddio for residence

Residents – Monitor the status of the house + map the home address, scan the guest QR code, report the emergency panic button residents

Guarddio for residence

Security Guard – Monitor the status of the house + map the home address, scan the guest QR code, report the emergency panic button residents

Reza Yogaswara

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder

Agung Hari WIjaya

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Co-Founder

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